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Rapid Response Solutions

Reduced Lead Times

Rosenbauer's Rapid Response Quick Delivery Pumper Series provides departments with a headstart in taking delivery of their new pumper. Delivery times are affected most by major components such as pump, tank and chassis turnaround times. Skips those hassles by either ordering a "build-to-order" Rapid Response unit or selecting one already in our production schedule.

Top Quality Components

No sacrifices, top of the line quality components. Rapid Response units are built with industry leading brands from warning lights to the fire pump.


Commercial Chassis

Our quick delivery series is available in Freightliner M2-106 chassis, both two-door and four door models. 

Commander Custom Chassis

A well-equipped Commander custom chassis is the industry leader in maneuverability, hip room for driver and officer, hvac, lowest engine tunnel for better visibility and communication for rear seated crew.

  • Cummins ISL 9 450 hp
  • Allison 3000 EVS Transmission
  • 20,000 lb. Front Steering Axle/27,000 lb. Rear Drive Axle
  • Seating for up to six

Rapid Response Custom Pumper

Rapid Response Custom Pumper is well-equipped with popular premium options

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FX Body Length Options

The Rapid Response FX Series offers the two most popular and versatile body lengths. 

  • FX144" Extruded Formed Aluminum Body
  • FX156" Extruded Formed Aluminum Body

In production FX build Stages 1, 2, 3 and Go!



Ordering a fire apparatus is a great deal of work and planning. Rosenbauer's Rapid Response Series is divided into three stages to clear the confusion and delays. In each stage, Rosenbauer provides a defined list of options. As the apparatus moves through production, the stages advance as well.

Time fences only apply to units that are already in the production schedule.

EXT Body Length Options

Departments may also choose the EXT heavy-duty extruded aluminum body in two lengths.  

  • EXT156"
  • EXT166"