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Rosenbauer South Dakota Facility Tour

Rosenbauer Aerial Facility Tour

Video - 17569 - RXT 2 Dr TM Pumper

Video - 7492 - 101 Cobra Platform FX

Video - 7493 - Rosenbauer 109' Viper FX

Video - 17681 - Custom SM CRT

Rapid City's NJPA buying group experience

MD of Foothills Customer Experience

"It needs to go on motor vehicle accidents, it needs to go on water rescues, it needs to fight fires, so we need a truck to be a lot of things" - Capt. Chad Sartison

Ellicottville, NY Customer Experience

Ellicottville,NY is a small town with great skiing. The fire department faces the challenge of getting the right equipment to multi-million dollar vacation homes on the slopes of the ski resorts with limited manpower. Enter the Rosenbauer rescue-pumper!

Yellowhead County Customer Experience

The fire district is 22,000 sq kilometers, a 3.5 hour drive across and the same if not a little bit more North to South. Yellowhead county is undergoing an major upgrade to their fire operations equipment. Rosenbauer met their needs in terms of customization.

Ellicott Creek Customer Experience

Ellicott Creek Vol. Fire Co. was seeking a pumper to equip a new second station. "If I received a call from a neighboring department that would be looking at a piece of Rosenbauer apparatus, I would explain to them how easy the process was, how simple the process was, how Rosenbauer is very open to customization, trying the fit the needs of the department, the quality of the work, the quality of the apparatus, pretty much why we've ordered another one."

Perth East, ON Customer Experience

Perth East located in Milverton, ON Canada has a large population of Amish residents whose home use woodstoves for heating and cooking create a significant structure fire risk. Perth East has adapted as a department to meet their needs and to serve the community.SHOW MORE