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MN-Parts Runner

Title:       Parts Runner

Status:   Full Time, Non-Exempt

Shift:      1st

Position avail: Immediately

Job Description: Deliver the parts and components from the warehouse to the assembly areas. As time allows complete tasks required for the completion of custom fire trucks. Depending on the tasks assigned, workers frequently climb into\out of the vehicle cab or onto\off of compartments on the back half of the truck frame when assisting adding the various sized components and framework such as steps, handrails, lighting options, cabinetry, SCBA systems, and anything else requested for the vehicle.  Runners may also use hand or power tools to trim, shim, cut, and make other adjustments to fit components together and align properly. General duties also include cleaning and detailing equipment. In addition, workers are responsible for general clean up including clearing debris and cleaning tools in the work area at the end of the day. Workers cross train to work in the various stages of assembly within the work area.

Education:            High School diploma or equivalent. 

Experience:           The ideal candidate would have previous experience in working in a manufacturing company delivering automotive parts.

Date Posted:                         June 3, 2020

Minnesota Application

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