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RDL | Rapid Deploy Lightower by Rosenbauer

Hendrickson Steertek NXT

Rosenbauer offers the Hendrickson Steertek™ NXT 45° cramp angle. We're the only apparatus manufacturer to offer three ackermann options: 195" - 225" - 250" wheelbases. Why is this important? If your rear tires don't follow the geometry of the front steering axle your chassis will push or drag the rear tires across the road surface. Losing optimal rear traction, causing significant tire scrub leading to tire damage and early replacement.

uOttawa study: Firefighters absorb harmful chemicals through skin

Rosenbauer handwheel control valve

Rosenbauer EZ Slide 2.0

Viper Straight Stick

CleanAir Air Scrubber

Hot Dip Galvanizing Process

100' Viper SA

Rosenbauer International Image Video w/NA

Timberwolf Urban Interface Pumper

Green Star Idle Reduction Technology

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Rosenbauer NH Series Fire Pump

Roadrunner Watertower

Rosenbauer Foam Solutions

Commander Custom Chassis

Rosenbauer Open House | Wyoming, MN | May 21, 2016