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Poudre Fire District Customer Testimonial

oudre Fire Authority in Fort Collins, Colorado utilizes glider-kits to extend the life of their apparatus. The glider kit takes experienced diesel engines, rear axle, and transmission and pairs all of that with a new cab and frame rails. Poudre also remounts their EXT bodies to extend their useful life.

Mountain View Fire-Rescue Customer Experience

Mountain View Fire-Rescue is located 28 miles north of Denver, Colorado. The apparatus committee appreciated how customizable the Rosebauer product line is through the entire process. We approach every customer's needs individually.

Rapid City's NJPA buying group experience

Video - 7493 - Rosenbauer 109' Viper FX

Video - 7492 - 101 Cobra Platform FX

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Rosenbauer Aerial Facility Tour

17664 - South East Regional Demo

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Oliver Township Commercial Pumper-Tanker

Angier & Black River Fire Department

Areo-Fue Commercial Demo Pumper

Tiffin, IA 101' Cobra Platform

Tiffin, IA Custom FX Pumper

Banff Fire Department 101' Cobra FX Platform

Ionia, MI 101' Cobra Platform w/SafeScene

Pickaway Township, Ohio Custom FX Pumper

Jefferson City 101' EXT Cobra Platform