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Statement from John Slawson, Chairman and CEO of Rosenbauer, concerning COVID-19

Message from John Slawson, Chairman and CEO of Rosenbauer America, concerning COVID-19

Wyoming, Minnesota (April 10, 2020):  On this Good Friday, Rosenbauer’s Chairman and CEO, John Slawson, provides an update on Rosenbauer’s response plan to COVID-19, production updates, and continued devotion to the health of our workforce.

Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency / Defense Industrial Base

Rosenbauer is working on multiple contracts for apparatus around the globe that have been awarded under the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). As Defense Industrial Base supplier and vital infrastructure manufacturer, our facilities continue to work on the production schedule daily, as directed under the President’s guideline:

            “If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.” ~ President Donald Trump

Rosenbauer is considered part of the USA’s Critical Infrastructure because it meets Homeland Security’s definition of “Critical Manufacturing.” Rosenbauer and its workers are “necessary for the manufacturing of materials and products needed for transportation, emergency services, and the defense industrial base.”

Critical and Essential Workers | Shelter-in-Place Orders

Only our Minnesota facility is subject to a “shelter-in-place” order at this time. Each of our employees have been issued “CISA critical and essential worker” documentation to allow them to commute to and from work. We have provided guidance to our employees to carefully plan any non-work related travel to reduce their exposure.

Social Distancing & Exposure Mitigation

Travel:  Rosenbauer began in mid-March with serious mitigation effort to get ahead of the COVID-19 at all plants. Travel was discontinued for all non-essential purposes. This week, Rosenbauer has instituted even stronger policies. All travel, including essential travel such as our service technicians is reviewed by managers and the CEO to determine if alternate solutions are available.

PPE:  Rosenbauer is supplying non-medical grade face masks for our employees who are reporting to work. Any and all medical grade (N95) face masks Rosenbauer has on-hand will be donated to a local medical facility.

Social Distancing:  We continue to abide by CDC guidelines of staying at least six feet apart. Any workstations which are closer than six feet have alternate arrangements being made or alternative job duties assigned.

Hygiene:  We have supplied additional portable restrooms and hand washing stations around our plants. Reducing the number of employees to a maximum of 10 persons using each.

Working Remotely:  Due to vigilant efforts of our IT department, many of our office personnel have been able to transition working remotely. We have instituted a rotational schedule for those departments who require to be on location.

Apparatus Production and Delivery Times

The good news for our workforce, customers, and stakeholders is that we continue to work on our order backlog. Rosenbauer did take the necessary time to allow for sanitizing, and once the facility was cleaned, operations continued. We have not and do not anticipate any notable delays in our delivery schedule. We are continuing to deliver apparatus with only some modifications to the process.

Order Intake

Order intake for March was strong. Several projects are in process with a positive outlook to be awarded to Rosenbauer within the second quarter. We feel very confident that departments will continue to proceed with planned purchases in 2020.

Happy Easter

Rosenbauer has declared April 10th (Good Friday) as a paid day off for all of our employees. We hope our employees take the day to relax and spend time (safely) with their immediate families. Please take time for yourself as well; mental health is greatly affected in times of uncertainty.


John Slawson

Chairman and CEO

Rosenbauer America, LLC