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Custom Pumpers

Rosenbauer fire trucks have been leading firefighting innovation for more than 145 years. Our pumper fire apparatus are in-service around the world. The pumper is the backbone of the fleet responding to every incident as the first due piece of equipment. Rosenbauer offers more body construction options to consider than any competitor.

Our Commander custom fire chassis offers indisputable reliability. Engineered entirely with the goal of reduced maintenance stress, Rosenbauer broke away from industry practices by purposely using as many off-the-shelve components as possible. 

The EXT heavy-duty body is perfect for extreme-duty, high call volume areas such as large metropolitan districts. We've conquered  the demands of hard work with our FX formed aluminum body option for decades. 

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Available Features

Specification Options

Body Options:
EXT, FX, CT, FL, CRT, MP3, TP3, RP3, Crossfire:
Body Material (Aluminum):
1/8" or 3/16" Aluminum:
Body Material (Steel):
10 or 12 Gauge Steel:
Compartment Height Max:
72" (Additional height with special engineering):
Compartment Depth Max:
Pump Capacity Range:
250 GPM - 2000 GPM:
Pumps Available:
Rosenbauer, Waterous, Darley, Hale:
Pump Mount Locations:
Side, Top, Enclosed, Rear, Safe Scene:
Custom Chassis:
Commander, Avenger, Warrior: