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The ultimate urban interface vehicle. The Rosenbauer Timberwolf is designed to meet both the requirements of a Type 1 structural pumper and a Type 3 off-road, wildland, fire-fighting vehicle. With a 1000 GPM multi-stage pumpand a 750 gallon water tank, the Rosenbauer Timberwolf delivers the performance to meet the complex challenge of fire-fighting.

Design construction for extreme-duty applications, superior pumping capability with high flow, high pressure and foam applications, user friendly design with simple to operate pump controls, rescue style body for all kinds of equipment storage

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Specification Options

Body Options:
Timberwolf EXT Heavy Duty:
Body Material (Aluminum):
1/8" / 3/16":
Body Material (Steel):
12 / 10 Gauge:
Compartment Height:
Variable (Max 102"):
Compartment Depth:
Full 26" (Transverse for long handled tools or backboard):
Pump Capacity:
250-1500 GPM (Up to 2000 w/split shaft):
Pump Options:
Rosenbauer, Darley, Hale, Waterous:
Commercial Chassis:
All major manufacturers: