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EXT Heavy Duty Body

Down to the Smallest Detail

At Rosenbauer, we think paying attention to the smallest details is a big deal. We construct each extruded model from our own patented body design, so every part is given just as much attention as the next. Because the details that go into our trucks are just as important as results that come out of them.

EXT Heavy Duty Fire Truck Body

Crossfire EXT Body (Optional)

The Crossfire EXT body provides efficiency throughout the process from start to finish. Starting with integrating the pump house into the body. Eliminates the need for separate body components to be built. Allows for easier packaging of components and options.  Speed up the configuration process by using pre-engineered body designs with a wide variety of options to choose from. This is not your grandfathers firetruck!

EXT Body Brochure

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Crossfire Brochure

Crossfire EXT Body Brochures

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"I" channels that don't end where the body starts.

EXT I Channels

Extruded model "I" channels run all the way through the truck body for extra support, while conventional body channels are simply welded to the frame. This added strength allows the body to rest on the channel, distributing weight throughout the entire beam and reducing stress at the welds.

EXT Safe Steps

Easy access step to storage area

Lower compartment door panels flip down to provide easy access to upper compartment storage area.

EXT Body Features

EXT Wheelwells
High Quality wheel well options.

Easily replaced wheel well housings are available in four-way aluminum, painted aluminum or stainless steel. Polished stainless federettes and high density inner liners are standard.

Fully protected wiring and lighting.

All wiring is encased within the body "C" channels so weather, equipment and other gear won't snag or damage it. Lighting is also recessed for protection. Both lights and wiring are easily accessed via bolt-in-place panels

Keep equipment dry and protected.

Roll-up doors open full width and above compartments, offering increased storage space and service of doors in the closed position. Rolled-up doors are isolated in a separate compartment, eliminating moisture inside the storage space.

Nothing in the way of your storage space.

Adjustable tracks are an integral part of the "C" channel side walls. As a result, compartment shelves extend the full width of the compartment opening for increased storage space.

Storage from top to bottom.

Recessed roll-up doors offer topside equipment mounting, so cord reels and other equipment can be attached to the ceiling for added storage.

Durable hinges that don't sacrifice space.

Compartment doors feature stainless steel hinges, which are concealed and protected from the elements, and striker pins that extend out of the door opening. Offset hinges also allow doors to open the full width of the compartment.

EXT Primary Extrusion
EXT Front Rear Corners
EXT Pump Module Extrusion
EXT Double Wall I Beam
EXT Water Tank Support
EXT Main Frame Sill