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CRT Fire Truck Body

CRT Fire Truck Body

The Corrosion Resistant Technology body was engineered to resolve corrosion issues in the most common locations-where metals of different types are in use. To prevent irritants such as water, oil, or fuel from becoming trapped and thus starting the electrochemical process, space is provided to allow for air to flow and fluids to run off.

Hot Dip Galvanized Subframe

Our steel sub-frame is backed by a lifetime warranty. It is hot dip galvanized, which is a time-tested anti-corrosion coating that chemically bonds with the steel. The sub-frame absorbs torsion which results in resisting of fatigue cracks. Hot-dip galvanized frame rails are available on Rosenbauer custom chassis which offer the same benefits of anti-corrosion protection.

CRT Body Brochure

Download CRT Body Brochure in PDF

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