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CFT Tours Mesa

MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- The City of Mesa is looking into possibly purchasing an electric firetruck for its fire and medical department.

Created by the Rosenbauer Group, the electric firetruck Mesa is considering is the first of its kind in the world, and it's already in use in Dubai, Amsterdam, and Berlin. Several cities in the U.S. are in purchase agreements to get the truck, including Los Angeles and Portland.

The Rosenbauer Group designed the truck with firefighter safety in mind, said sales engineer Michael Todd. The truck has three operating modes and raises up nearly 2 feet for off-road clearance, and sits at curb height when on a scene. Most firetrucks have one pump panel to operate the truck. The electric truck has two to improve safety, Todd said.

Unlike the firetrucks on the road today, the electric firetruck's interior is wide open inside, allowing firefighters to be able to do a quick conference to assess a rescue. Todd says the truck comes equipped with a drone so first responders can view a scene from the fire engine and figure out the best plan.

Because the firetruck is electric, there is virtually zero maintenance because there are no fluids, belts, engine, or transmission. The truck can run for two hours on battery. Most fire responses include about 15 minutes of actual run time. Because there is no “engine.” the water sits low, giving the truck a low center of gravity. That's much safer for responding crews.

The City of Mesa says they are looking into the truck because they are always looking at the future of firefighting and keeping firefighters safe.