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Rosenbauer South Dakota

Rosenbauer South Dakota - Lyons

Lyons, South Dakota

1998 saw Rosenbauer’s entry at Central States Fire. The company, which was started by Harold and Helen Boer, began as a modest welding and vehicle refurbishment business in the mid-1970s. Central States Fire was founded in 1982 when Harold, chief of the Lyons, South Dakota, Volunteer Fire Department, was asked to equip an apparatus unit for the department. In less than five years, the company was producing 50 trucks annually for Midwestern fire departments. Today, the company is characterized by industrial production that is strongly oriented towards the fulfillment of individual customer wishes. When it became a partner and officially created Rosenbauer America in 1998, Central States was already active in 32 states, and today, Rosenbauer America has full national coverage. In 2016, Harold & Helen retired from the day-to-day management activities of Rosenbauer South Dakota. The Rosenbauer America board named Scott Oyen, Chief Executive Officer of the South Dakota Division.

The majority of Rosenbauer America’s vehicle production takes place at the Lyons Plant in South Dakota. The location has an output capacity of around 700 vehicles per year and is able to produce practically the entire firefighting range including pumpers, rescues, aerials and special trucks such as industrial and wildland vehicles. The major strength of Rosenbauer South Dakota lies in the industrial production of vehicles and at the same time great flexibility with regard to their equipment. 

Among other objects, a new main building, an acceptance hall and new production facilities have been added.