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Baroda,MI Customer Testimonial

Baroda, MI went to FDIC seeking help building a 3000 gallon tanker, but they wanted to make a pumper out of it too. With the help of Emergency Vehicles Plus, their local Rosenbauer dealer, Baroda was able to take delivery of the truck they needed.

Elkhorn Fire Department customer feature walk-around

Chief Rod Smith of the Elkhorn Fire Department in Elkhorn, WI shares with us their decision to combine a pumper-tanker and add an elevated watertower.

Firefighting Simulator Coming 2017

Lakeville MN Customer Experience

Rosenbauer Open House | Wyoming, MN | May 21, 2016

2016 Facility Tour

2016 Rosenbauer Facility Tour

Rosenbauer at FDIC 2015

T-Rex Articulating Platform

Viper Straight Stick

Cobra Platforms

EZ Load

Aerial Command Seat