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Green Star Idle Reduction Technology

The fire service is going GREEN! Our exclusive auxiliary power unit (APU) designed specifically for use on fire apparatus will save your department thousands of dollars annually.*

Today's fire service is a constantly changing community organization. We've watched the role of fire departments take on more responsibilities from medical calls, rescues and hazmat incidents for example. Eighty percent of calls fire departments respond to, result in fire apparatus needlessly idling for 10-40 minutes per call.

Frequently Asked Questions
Green Technology

Q. What is an APU?
A. APU stands for Auxiliary Power Unit currently APUs are used on airliners, locomotives, and-long haul trucks to handle the electrical, heating and air conditioning while the vehicle is stationary.

Q. What effect does idling have on Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)?
A. DPFs are designed to capture unspent diesel soot that occurs while a diesel engine operates at cooler tempatures. Most commonly this happens as diesel engine is at idle. Excessive idling similar to the use pattern of fire apparatus on non-fire calls will increase service intervals above the engine manufacuters suggestions.

Q. How much fuel does a diesel engine use while idling?
A. According to engine manufacturers big block diesel engines use a minimum of 1 gallon per hour idling.

Q. Can a hydraulic generator be used
with an APU?

A. PTO generators cannot be used since the goal of the idle reduction technology is to eliminate the main chassis running.

Q. How much fuel is used by the APU while running under full load?
A. An 8kW diesel gen-set uses approximately one quart of fuel per hour while operating.

Q. How is an APU considered "Clean Diesel Technology"
A. While the APU does not alter the chemical make-up of diesel emissions, it does reduce the amount of NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) that are released overall.

Q. Can the APU power scene lights and provide electical power while the truck is pumping?
A. YES! You can start your APU gen-set from inside the cabin or from the pump control panel similar to a standard generator installation. There is NO need for a second generator as the GREEN Star can handle traditional duties.

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Patent Pending 2009
Gordon & Rees LLP
Available System & Options
Automatic idle reduction when on-scene with chassis in neutral, park brake set and pump not engaged.
Deep Cycle Battery System
Adds 2 deep cycle high amp batteries
Provides up to 3hrs on scene operation of basic NFPA lighting systems without chassis engine running.
Requires LED lighting*
Options: Diesel fired heater in cab

Warning & compartment lighting must
be low draw LED
Deep Cycle APU
Lithium Battery System
Replaces chassis battery with lithium high amp deep cycle battery.
Provides up to 8 hours on scene operation of basic NFPA lighting without engine running.
Requires LED lighting*
Options: LED scene lighting
120v A/C Inverter
Diesel fired cab heater

Warning & compartment lighting must
be low draw LED

Lithium APU Option
Diesel Gen Set
Provides extended time on scene operation without chassis engine running.
Adds a diesel gen set to provide 12v and 120/240 power without chassis engine running.
Includes 30 amp alternator, 40 amp battery conditioner.
7.9 kW 120v power w/load center
Requires LED lighting
Diesel GenSet Option
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