Heavy and Light Rescues

Every rescue situation is different. But Rosenbauer's variety of body configurations and storage options gives you control no matter what. With custom, ergonomic designs, each rescue vehicle offers fast, easy equipment access and solid body strength. With these tools at hand, there's no situation you can't handle.
Rosenbauer constructs safer rescue units due to comprehensive planning process to allow unobstructed use of equipment.
15KW Hydraulic Generator 240 Volt Perimeter Light with Removable Tripod Lights Four-Bottle Cascade System with Dual Enclosed Fill Station Large Full Depth, Transverse and Rooftop Compartments
Heavy-duty walk-around rescue with Central aluminum body. Built on Metro-Star chassis with 20" raised roof featuring all LED warning light upper and lower packages. Fixed quartz scene lighting on each side of body.
Options featured in body are transverse pull-out tool boards, roll-out tilt-down trays, roll-out trays, adjustable shelveing, EZ Climb access ladder, neumatic scene lighttower, electric cord reel, coffin compartmentation on roof.
Heavy rescue with aluminum body featuring multiple roll-out trays, tilt-down roll-out trays, slide-out toolboards, quick dry dispenser, SCBA extra bottle storage, electric cord reel, and neumatic lighttower.
Every option for every rescue need. This well thought out rescue pumper comes fully equipped and generator, cascade system, foam system and pre-connects. Large full-depth, full-height compartment construction and rooftop and custom storage provisions offer space for all your important equipment.
Decked out with equipment and communications to serve any jurisdiction at the incident scene.
Heavy rescue with include steps for roof access of coffins storage compartments. Ground ladders storage and scene light tower on body roof.
Comfortable, function command area. A custom designed command area features climate control for all-incident and all-weather command operations.
Suited for carrying rescue tools, air bottles with slide out trays scene lights and ROM roll-up doors.
More options for mid-size departments. This medium aluminum rescue is ideal for mid-size fire departments to carry all of their rescue equipment. Choose from a full time of options to customize this unit to your needs
Excellent first response utility vehicle. Lightweight to handle everything from Interstate accidents to medical service calls.
Small unit with maximum space. This aluminum rescue provides ample storage space for most rescue equipment. Add optional features such as shelves, trays, generators, floodlights and a cascade system to fully equip this versatile, highly functional unit.
Rescue tool storage in custom front bumper. Arrange your equipment for quick easy access to speed extraction on scene.
Rescue Command Cab allows for scene operations in a weather safe environment.
GREEN Star Idle Reduction Technology

Reduce Fuel Consumption
Nationally, 80% of runs are EMS or non-Fire related calls. Chassis diesel engines use up to 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour idling. Save up to 1.25 gallons of fuel using the GREEN Star™ idle reduction technology system. Our system maintains apparatus 12 volt system, 120 volt system and chassis heating and cooling systems when the fire pump is not engaged.

Meeting EPA Emission Standards
To comply with the EPA's revised emission standards, OEM chassis manufacturers are using Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) that can become clogged due to frequent idling. DPF service can cost as much as $5,000 per truck. Rosenbauer's GREEN Star™ system utilizes an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to bypass the main chassis engine, reducing the strain on the DPF, saving thousands in fuel expenses and service fees.

Go Green! Recieve Some Green
Auxiliary Power Units (APU) are eligible in many states for up to 100% reimbursement from Clean Diesel Grant program funds. Contact your local Rosenbauer for assistance finding grants available in your area.

Reduces operating costs
Fuel, oil changes, DPF service all can cost into the thousands. Start saving through the use of idle reduction technology by Rosenbauer.

FX Aluminum
Rosenbauer FX body styles feature a wide range of compartment configurations and strong, durable bodies so you can build the truck you want. Tough enough to get the job done, Rosenbauer FX aluminum Bodies live up our highest, most important standards. Yours. Learn More

EXT Aluminum
At Rosenbauer, we think paying attention to the smallest details is a big deal. We construct each extruded model from our own patented body design, so every part is given just as much attention as the next. Because the details that go into our trucks are just as important as results that come out of them. Learn More

Centurion Body

Centurion (CT) Body (Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Composite)
The engineering staff at Rosenbauer uses the most advanced computer software programs on the market today to help create the most innovative body designs that are more durable and economical than anything you have ever seen in the past. Learn More

Fireline Steel Body

Fireline (FL)Galvannealed Steel Body
Rosenbauer Fireline bodies are available in many configurations and feature a modular design for easy repair or remount. Constructed from 12 gauge galvannealed steel, Fireline bodies are economical, extremely durable and corrosion resistant. Offered with a variety of fire pumps and foam systems, Rosenbauer Fireline bodies bend solid steel to meet your needs. (Not available with aerials) Learn More

Rosenbauer Fire Apparatus Generator

Rosenbauer Power Generator RS 14 Silent

The RS 14 sets new benchmarks in the areas of functionality, safety, performance and design. The demands on mobile power generators in the fire-fighting area are steadily rising in ration to the increasingly modern and more efficient range of equipment employed. Therefore, during the development of the new RS 14 power generator, functionality and safety were consciously selected as main priorities.

Innovative , Multi-functional operating surface: Warning and safety information are provided in optical and acoustical form. Operational hours counter with integrated error code display. Power display and phase load for every individual phase. Tank display. Earth conductor checking device. Start/main/switch. Emergency/off switch.

Solid Base Frame:in high-strength aluminum

Can Bus Link*:remote control / remote monitoring with automatic choke*

Automatic Choke*: for ideal starting under all conditions

Synchronized Generator: top quality for high starting current

Impact-Resistant Plastic Hood: glass fiber reinforced, partially with carbon stiffening

Design: individual, unmistakable and dynamic

*Available as an option

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Platte Valley Fire Protection District
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Rescue Specification Options

Body Choices: FX, EXT, FL

Body Configurations: Walk-In or Non-Walk-In

Body Length: 24' - 26'

Compartment Height: Variable

Compartment Depth: 26" / Transverse

Compartment Doors: D-Ring or Roll-Up Doors

Body Material:1/8" or 3/16" Aluminum, 12 & 10 Ga. Steel, Composite

Custom Chassis: Commander

Commercial Chassis: All major manufacturers