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Panther 1500 - 3000

Every rescue situation is different. But Rosenbauer's variety of body configurations and storage options gives you control no matter what. With custom, ergonomic designs, each rescue vehicle offers fast, easy equipment access and solid body strength. With these tools at hand, there's no situation you can't handle.
Rosenbauer constructs safer rescue units due to comprehensive planning process to allow unobstructed use of equipment.
The strongest frame for the strongest truck.Rosenbauer is the only ARFF manufacture that utilizes ladder box frame technology which provides the strongest frame rails in the industry. This type of frame provides long lasting strength and durability.
Rosenbauer's Panther cab has tremendous interior space. A variety of storage options for equipment and medical cabinets can be designed into any Panther.
Chassis: Rosenbauer Motors 4x4, 665hp Detroit Diesel engine,Twin Disk 6 speed automatic transmission, Rosenbauer (HPCS) High Performance Coil Spring suspension system, Firefighting system: Rosenbauer 1,850 gpm pump, Rosenbauer automatic foam proportioning system, 1,500 gallons of water, 200 gallons of foam, 460lb. Halotron system, 150’ of 1” Halotron reel, Water/foam reel, 300gpm bumper turret Dual flow 375/750 roof turret, Full firefighting structural panel, 104,000btu winterization system, Electrical: 10kw Onan hydraulic generator, 750 watt telescoping quartz lighting Electric rewind cord reel with 150’ of 12/3 cord and junction box, (DEVS) Drivers Enhanced Vision System with FLIR LED warning light package, Electric rewind air reel with 150’ of 3/8” hose
The cab, water tank, and engine module assemblies are mounted with stress isolating rubber cone bearings attached to the chassis frame rails. This provides optimum weight distribution on the axles assuring the required soft soil mobility and maximum traction for cross-country travel.
Rosenbauer’s exclusive multi-plex data panel offers ease of operation with push button switches color coded to the particular function. Engaging the pump and flowing water from the turret is as simple as a two step process by pushing the pump n roll switch and pulling the trigger on the turret joystick.
Thermostatically clutch controlled pusher fan provides fresh air to the radiator by means of an air duct. Air is ingested through the top of the vehicle and exhausted out the rear. Hot air from the engine compartment is never directed across the radiator cooling fins and provides excellent engine temperature control.
Every Panther built comes standard with a structural pump panel which includes Pressure governor throttle control system, master pump intakes and two (2) 2 ½” discharges with pressure gauges.
Quick response handline tucked in side compartment.
ARFF units are are equipped with Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) thermal imaging.
Ground nozzles provide a blanket of protection upon arrival at the incident scene.
State-of-the-Art communications on the go. The power of command center applications including ground mapping with real time vehicle tracking.
Easy access inside the cab fuse box.
When seconds count, you need a vehicle with unmatched handling and maneuverability that will get you to the scene fast yet safe! Rosenbauer’s exclusive High Performance Coil Spring Suspension System (HPCS) exceeds 150/5220-10D and NFPA 414 and provides a smooth ride on and off road. The Rosenbauer (HPCS) system will out perform all other ARFF vehicles in its class.
Every ARFF vehicle built by Rosenbauer is tilt table tested to ensure the final product meets 150/5220-10D and NFPA 414.
Double Stage, High Performance

The rugged design and flat output characteristic at a high level of efficiency are the definitive characteristics of this 1850 gpm pump. This pump has convinced fire services worldwide and epitomizes the quality for which ROSENBAUER is famous. The R600 is the preferred choice for airport rescue firefighting vehicles.

The R600 is designed for durable performance.
The stainless steel pump shaft is borne by triple roller bearings. The main bearings run in an oil bath in the gear box and are thus maintenance-free.
A wear-free mechanical shaft seal keeps the system tight. Thanks to specially selected materials for the mechanical shaft seal, dry or emergency running is supported.


Automatic Around-the-Pump Foam Proportioning System "RVMA500"

A fully mechanical, automatic around-the-pump foam proportioning system is available for the R600. The system is designed to suit the pump's output characteristic and is embedded in the pump.


Water metering valves are actuated in direct proportion to the water flow rate. The actuation is conveyed mechanically and used to open and close the foam proportioning valve. The current proportioning rate is visualized by means of a cam disk. A maximum of 3 proportioning rates is supported.

  • Perfectly geared for the R600
  • Excellent foam compound suction capacity
  • Completely maintenance-free
  • Fully mechanical proportioning system
  • Up to 3 different proportioning rates
  • Proportioning rate does not depend on pump capacity or pressure
The main field of deployment for the RVMA500 is thus airport, industrial and tanker vehicles, as well as firefighting vessels and stationary equipment.


Central Aluminum Body

RM 15E
The RM15E by ROSENBAUER is a compact turret with a broad field of applications. It can be deployed as a bumper turret on an ARFF or as the main turret on a municipal firefighting vehicle. Configurations as water or foam turrets for up to 1,500 l/min or dry-powder turrets for up to 20 kg/s are possible.
Controls can be simple electrical controls or fully electronic tracking controls with options such as an oscillator function.

Central Aluminum Body

RM 25E
Thanks to its compact footprint, the remote-controlled electronic RM25E turret is suitable for use as both a bumper turret and as a roof turret for aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicles and municipal firefighting vehicles.

Central Aluminum Body

RM 60E
The RM60E is the flagship model in the ROSENBAUER turret family. It offers best-of-breed throw range for industrial and aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicles in combination with new CAN bus controls.

Rosenbauer's ARFF 6x6 (George Bush Intl' Airport)

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